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Preposition Exercises ▼ Place/movement ▼ Time ▼ Dependent
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Dependent Prepositions


Adjective + preposition (easy)

Many common adjectives are always used with a preposition. For example:

I'm frightened of spiders.

It's a good idea to learn these if you can. There are some common examples in the tables below. Note: sb = somebody, and sth = something.

OF frightened of sth
scared of sth
afraid of sth
tired of sth
AT good at sth
bad at sth
FORfamous for sth
INinterested in sth
TOkind to sb
rude to sb
ABOUTworried about sth/sb
excited about sth

Many adjectives can use two prepositions. For example:

with him about the washing up.

The teacher is very bad at dancing.

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