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Reported Questions


reported question 'do you like my new trousers?'

Direct Questions

A direct question is a normal question, when you want an answer. For example:

"Do you like my new trousers?" asked Susan.

Reported Questions

Reported (or indirect) questions are when we tell someone about the question. However, it isn't a question now so the word order is different.

Susan asked me if I liked her new trousers.

A reported question uses a question word (e.g. who, how often) with normal sentence word order (subject + verb). Here are some examples:

A asked (B)QuestionSubjectVerb
She asked mewhyIhadn't finished.
I asked themwhentheywould go.
Tom asked ifweunderstood.

If the question doesn't begin with a question word, we use 'if' or 'whether'. Don't forget, you also need to change the tenses, people, places etc. Look at the lesson for reported speech if you can't remember these.

The teacher asked the students why they were always late.

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