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Learn about the Present Simple


We use the Present Simple for ...

present simple

1. Present States - something true for a long time (usually a feeling, not an action).

I like cake.

2. Present Habits - a repeated action (with often, sometimes, every day, every week ...)

I eat cake every day.

You like it.You don't like it.Do you like it?
He likes it.He doesn't like it.Does he like it?

Time expressions with present simple

When you are using present simple for repeated habits, you must remember to say how often it happens.

  • I often go to the cake shop.
  • I go to the cake shop three times a week.

When we only use one word (never, rarely, sometimes, often, usually, always), it comes before the verb. When we use more than one word (every week, four times a month) it comes at the end of the sentence.

Other uses of Present Simple

Facts - we believe it always happens and will always be true.

The sun rises in the east.

'Scheduled' future events - something which we can see in a timetable (here a film guide).

The film starts at 6pm.

(The teacher likes presents, especially chocolate ...)

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