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Learn about Present Continuous


We use the present continuous for:

present continuous

1. Actions in progress now - they started before now, and are not finished.

I am eating an apple.

2. Temporary situations - it is true now, but maybe not happening at the moment of speaking. You know it will change in the future.

I am eating a lot of bananas these days.

We use be + verb-ing to make this structure. When speaking, remember to use contractions to sound more natural:

I am => I'm

He is => He's

We are => We're

I I'm eating.I'm not eating.Am I eating?
We're eating.We aren't eating.Are we eating?
He's eating.He isn't eating.Is he eating?

Advanced uses of the present continuous:

Annoying habits: We usually use present simple for habits or repeated actions. However, you can use the present continuous with 'always' if you want to show that you are annoyed or amused by a habit.

You're always losing your wallet!

To tell anecdotes: Usually we use past tenses to tell stories, but sometimes we use present simple and continuous to make it more exciting.

So, last night, I'm walking down the street, and I see a tall man, and he says to me ...


Present Continuous Practice

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