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State and Action Verbs

Simple or Continuous?

Remember, state verbs are never used in their continuous form. However, a temporary action in progress now, or a repeated temporary action should use a continuous verb form.

Choose the best verb form to complete these sentences.

I what you mean. ( = understand)
I a psychologist at the moment. ( = meet regularly)
This computer £1,200.
I him £50.
I the shoes you're wearing.
Don't turn off the TV. I this film.
Don't talk to Tom. He .
John's outside at the moment. He the grass.
I your brother when I lived in Paris.
I fun at the moment.
I a job at the moment.
Bob very unfriendly today. Normally he's lovely.
Bob really nice. Everyone always loves him.
Mmm. That cake delicious.
What at?
This film interesting. Shall we watch it?
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