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The Present Continuous

Complete the letter below with the correct form of the present continuous. Notice how all the examples are actions which are not finished (right now), or temporary situations (only during her holiday).

Dear Sarah

Thanks for your letter, it's great to hear from you again.

I (sit) outside in the garden at the moment while I (write) this letter. It's lovely and sunny, so I (wear) sunglasses and suntan lotion and I (drink) iced lemonade. I (plan) to relax all day today and do no work.

I (enjoy) myself here in London - there's lots to do. I (live) with some friends who (study) English with me. At the moment we (not go) to college because it's the holiday. We (go) shopping a lot instead. At the moment I (feel) a bit tired because I've been working very hard recently. My boyfriend (prepare) for an exam, so I (help) him to study for it. Poor George! He (not have) much fun with all the work!

What about you? What you (do) at the moment? you still (see) that tall, handsome guy? he still (buy) you lots of presents?

Write and tell me all your news - I can't wait to hear from you.

Love, Susan.

If you think the sentence is correct, tick 'correct', and if you think it is wrong, tick 'wrong'.

My sister is studying French at the moment.
They isn't feeling very well.
I'm not living with my parents nowadays.
I reading a good book at the moment.
Does she eating strange food now she is pregnant?
Is anyone sitting here, or can I borrow the chair?
We aren't walking home now, we're walking to the pub.
My brother and sister isn't staying with me.
Be quiet! I'm watching a film.
Why are you laugh?

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