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The Past Simple

Practice 1: Complete these sentences using the past simple and the words in brackets (). Remember to use contractions ("didn't", not "did not")

  1. They in a small house when they were children. (live)
  2. I to eat vegetables when I was young. (not want)
  3. with teddy bears? (she play?)
  4. their school? (they like?)
  5. I until I was 18. (not smoke)
  6. My husband blond hair. (have)
  7. My sister to pop music (listen always)
  8. We to bed before 10pm. (not go)

Practice 2: Type the past form of these words.

  1. I that you were married!
  2. They at a local school.
  3. She a new mobile phone.
  4. My daughter this beautiful picture.
  5. Someone a snowball at me!
  6. We that it was a mistake.
  7. I him a love letter.
  8. He to the station to meet me.
  9. The handsome prince a white horse.
  10. The little girl the little boy.
  11. I the dictionary on the table.
  12. He himself while shaving.

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