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Deduction: Must, might, can't

Choose one word to complete each sentence - must, might or can't. Remember - English people often use must or can't with exclamation marks (!!!).

  1. Sarah never stops talking about Steve. She be in love with him!
  2. You hate English food - it's delicious!
  3. Tom be working today - I just saw him at the gym.
  4. Tom be working today, but I can't remember.
  5. You drank 3 bottles of wine? You feel so sick!
  6. Frank's quite good at grammar. He know the answer for this question.
  7. You studied this for 3 years at university! You know the answer!
  8. You just slept for 12 hours! You be tired again already!
  9. She always gets me a present, but this year she didn't. She have forgotten that it's my birthday.

State or Action? Past or Present?

Choose the best words to complete these sentences. Decide if it is a present state, an action in progress or a past action/state.

1. The boys look so sad. They must the football match yesterday.
2. The music next door is so loud! They must a party.
3. She just said she didn't want any wine. She must pregnant.
4. His bedroom light is still on. He might a book.
5. Andrew's good friends with Gemma. He might her phone number.
6. Why did you tell him the truth? You must that he didn't want to hear it.
7. Dave's got a new car. He must a pay rise at work.
8. That girl looks bored. She might for someone.