Future "Simple" or "Continuous"?

Practice: Should these sentences use a simple or continuous future form? Choose the best answer from the drop down box to complete the sentences.

  • Do you think that the next World Cup?
  • She loves climbing trees, but if she isn't careful, her leg.
  • Just think - this time tomorrow, married!!!
  • It's my brother's birthday tomorrow. I think him some DVDs.
  • My exam starts at 9 o'clock, so at 9.30 the exam.
  • Where's your little brother now? in the garden.
  • I hope that by the time I'm 50, in a big house, and three children
  • I'm going on holiday. of you all at work while I'm lying on the beach!!!
  • What colour hair do you think
  • My driving test is tomorrow morning, and I know I'm going to fail! So this time tomorrow in my bedroom! And then start taking lessons again.