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There are three ways you can use the grammar information in these pages.

  1. If you are thinking "What's the present perfect?", look at the examples of the different grammatical structures below. Then click on an example to learn more about the grammar and to practise it.
  2. Click here to see the main grammar page with a list of grammar structures. Click on one to learn about it - you can practise it afterwards.
  3. If you just want practice, click here to practise the grammar immediately - you can choose from a list of different grammatical structures.

Present Simple I live in England.
Present Continuous I am living with Sue at the moment.
Past Simple I lived in Paris when I was a child.
Past Continuous I was living in Paris when I met Sam.
Present Perfect Simple I have never lived in China.
Present Perfect Continuous I have been living here since 2005.
Past Perfect Simple I had lived in Paris for years when I left.
Past Perfect Continuous I had been living in Paris for years when I left.
Future verbs I am likely to pass all my exams.
Future plans I am going to visit my sister next week.
Future predictions I will never get married.
Future "continuous" I'll be waiting for you at 6 o'clock.
Future "perfect" I'll have done my homework by 6 o'clock.
First Conditional If I pass my exams, I'll go to university.
Second Conditional If I was a cat, I'd sleep all the time.
Third Conditional If I had eaten less, I wouldn't have been sick.
Defining Relative Clauses The website which you are using now is the best in the world.
Reported Speech She told me that she was tired.
Reported Questions She asked me if I would help her.
Subject/Object Questions Who hit you? / Who did you hit?
Indirect Questions Could you tell me what time it is?
Question Tags You are a student, aren't you?
Articles (a/an and the) I've got a new car.
ED and ING adjectives I was annoyed by his irritating behaviour.
Strong/Weak or Gradable/Ungradable adjectives James was very hot and I was absolutely boiling
Comparative adjectives England is colder than Spain.
Superlative adjectives English food is the best in the world.
Gerund I love swimming.
Infinitive (with to) I want to go on holiday soon.