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FCE Exam practice (First Certificate)
Reading and Use of English

From January 2015, the FCE reading and use of English exams will be combined to make a single exam. Parts 1-4 are very similar to the old Use of English paper, and parts 5-7 are reading texts, again very similar to the previous reading exam (see the Cambridge FCE website for details and some official practice).

As before, one of the best things you can do to prepare is lots and lots of reading - books, magazines, blogs - anything to give you a 'feel' for the language.

What's involved in the different parts of the exam?


Essential FCE grammar


Vocabulary: Word Formation


Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs

Don't get too stressed about phrasal verbs. They are useful, but if you look at past exam papers you'll see that there are only usually 2 or 3 questions with these.


Vocabulary: Expressions


Vocabulary: Collocations


If you are doing the exam in the next few months, you should really be looking at past papers too. There are lots of books which can help you with this.

Click on the books to explore these and other FCE books on Amazon (and to give me a small commission if you decide to buy anything!)

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Are you a teacher? There isn't much for you about the FCE (first certificate in English) exam on my site yet, but you can find a conversation activity with 40 part 1 speaking questions here: FCE speaking game (part 1). There will be more to come later.