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FCE (First Certificate)
Word Formation: Nouns with -ence and -ance

Two common noun endings are -ance and -ence. Usually, their adjectives are made with -ant and -ent. Here are some common examples which might help you in the FCE exam.

Look at the information in the table for 1-2 minutes and try to remember the words. Then click below to hide the information and try to answer the questions at the bottom.

Noun (-ence)AdjectiveVerb
existenceexistingto exist
(in)dependence(in)dependentto depend
differencedifferentto differ
(dis)obedience(dis)obedientto (dis)obey
excellenceexcellentto excel
silencesilentto silence
violenceviolentto violate
occurrence-to occur

Noun (-ance)AdjectiveVerb
attendant (person)
-to attend
assistant (person)
-to assist
(dis)appearanceapparentto (dis)appear
reassurancereassuredto reassure
(in)significance(in)significantto signify

Note: I have only given the more common words here. There are other forms (for example, it is possible to use "to evidence something" as a verb) but these are less common.

Click here to show/hide this information

Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete these sentences. The answer could be a noun or an adjective. Don't forget to use an -s or a negative prefix if necessary.

  1. Unfortunately, accidents are a common along this road. (OCCUR)
  2. It's difficult to believe in the of aliens. (EXIST)
  3. The police are looking for of the attack. (EVIDENT)
  4. She thinks everyone hates her and needs from her friends all the time. (REASSURE)
  5. Scientist believe that the mysterious of millions of bees is due to disease. (APPEAR)
  6. What's the best punishment for a teenager? (OBEY)
  7. What he said was true, but it was completely . (RELEVANCE)
  8. 100% is necessary to pass this course. (ATTEND)
  9. I'm the only person who believes in his . Even the police think he's guilty. (INNOCENT)
  10. There are three shop over there - you should ask one of them for help. (ASSIST)
  11. Some people think that if you enjoy your job, the salary is , but I love money! (IMPORTANCE)
  12. I'm excited because I've just got a letter of from Cambridge University! (ACCEPT)
  13. Cats are extremely animals. They don't really need people. (DEPEND)
  14. You need a lot of if you want to work with children. (PATIENT)

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