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FCE (First Certificate)
Present Perfect Key Transformations

There are several ways of writing the same sentence using present perfect or past simple tenses. These three sentences have the same meaning:

If this looks difficult, you can learn more about the present perfect on my grammar pages.

Rewrite each of these sentences so they have the same meaning as the first. Use between 2 and 5 words, and do not change the word in brackets.

    I haven't been on holiday for three years.
  • It I went on holiday. (since)
  • The last time I years ago. (went)

    It has been six months since she visited us.
  • She six months. (not)
  • The last time she months ago. (was)

    The last time I ate chocolate was last week.
  • I last week. (eaten)
  • It I last ate chocolate. (been)

    It hasn't rained for 4 weeks.
  • The last time ago. (weeks)
  • It it rained. (four)

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