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FCE (First Certificate in English)
Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

In this part of the exam, you have to choose one word (from four) to complete each gap in a text. To prepare, it's a good idea to do lots and lots of reading. This is because many of the questions test how vocabulary is used, not just what it means. Here are some of the things you will be tested on:

Grammatical differences in words

You will need to know about the prepositions and verb patterns which are used after certain words. You may also be tested on relative pronouns and other referring words such as 'which' or 'whose'.

I was planning to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the town in (1)______ Shakespeare was born. I bought my ticket online, but I realised I'd lost it as the train (1)_______ the station. Another passenger (2)________ me to get on the train and to explain my situation to the ticket collector.

1 it where which what
2 approached arrived got came
3 suggested recommended made advised

Fixed expressions

You will need to know various English expressions, including collocations (e.g. verb+noun) and phrasal verbs.

The company was (1)_____ in 2012. It did badly in the first few years and lost a (2)______ amount of money. The Managing Director (3)____ the blame on the economy.

1 made up put up taken up set up
2 large big great high
3 made put gave took

Global understanding of the text

Linking expressions - here you need to understand the whole text and how sentences link together.

The explorers continued their expedition (1)______ the weather became so bad that they were forced to give up. (2)______, the next month a second group of explorers attempted the same journey with more success, reaching the top of the mountain in less than 4 days. Unfortunately, on the way down, they suffered from the lack of oxygen. (3)________, three members of the group required hospital treatment.

2 while after until since
1 Moreover Otherwise However Although
3 Also Yet Despite Consequently

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