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FCE (First Certificate in English)
Even if, as if, even though, as though

If and though, and if and even if are different.

I'll help you if you want. if = possibly
I'll help you though you don't want me to. though = a fact, I know this

I'll marry him if he is rich.But not if he is poor!
I'll marry him even if he is poor.I'll marry him in any situation

As if and as though, and though and even though are the same.

He looked as though he wanted to cry.
He looked as if he wanted to cry.
as if = as though . We use them to say "like/similar".

I like dogs even though they are smelly.
I like dogs though they are smelly
Even though is a bit stronger than though.

In the FCE exam, you might get questions for this in part 2 (open cloze). Choose the best word (if, though, as or even) to complete these sentences.

  1. I'd never get married, even George Clooney asked me.
  2. He spoke to me if I was a servant.
  3. I didn't apologise, even I felt really guilty.
  4. I believed him, though he'd lied to me before.
  5. I would never take the job even they offered me ten times my current salary.
  6. He went out, though it was still raining.
  7. He'll help you though he's angry with you.
  8. He's so unfriendly - it's though he doesn't like me.
  9. Even it was expensive, he bought the car.

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